Spool Vs Locker25-35 (28026) Check fit View Dana 44 Grizzly Locker. e58 vm Both the Bernette B44 Funlock and the Brother 1034D are great overlocker machines for the beginner sewer. 7z Fits 1979-1995 Toyota 8" 3rd members. For that reason it is my preference. Started by 4runnerfromhell Parts Wanted. The OX Locker makes 4-wheeling fun!. Great prices & free shipping on orders over $50 when you sign in or sign up for an account. mini spool vs full spull vs lunchbox vs detroit locker ok, so i found this Dana 44 yesterday, and i'm starting to plan how i want to set it up. Nov 19, 2018 #27 Spaceman Spiff Member. Our solid-axle Quick Change rears were born on the racetrack and perfected for today's traditional hot rods. Yukon performance spools are made from the highest quality materials to ensure high strength and long life in performance applications. 6230KA ProSeries® Solid Body Padlock, Keyed Alike - multiple locks open with the same key - features a 2-1/2in (64mm) round wide solid steel body and a 1-1/8in (29mm) tall, 7/16in (11mm) diameter hardened boron alloy shackle for superior cut resistance. p6w 2006 Jeep Wrangler LJ on 35's and other stuff. Suitable for all 28 spline, 4 pinion Borg Warner. I have a Detroit Locker in my 9" rear from quick performance(98 Trans am). Mar 7, 2012 #8 blznnp said: Yea, i agree with that. g7u Jump to Latest Follow 21 - 31 of 31 Posts. When you go around turns with a spool, one wheel will drag or skid,since both wheels are turning at the same. Actually, to be exact, an automatic locker (what a Detroit or Lockrite is) . Ford 9" / Detroit Locker / 28 Spline / 187SL13A. then, go to a junkyard and find some f-body's and grab a posi-unit from it. There aren't full auto lockers available for the 14 bolt since none of the auto lockers actually replace the carrier. 7rn 1; 2 although I've never driven something with a full locker or a spool, I understand how they operate and what to expect at least. The only types of racing I know of where the cars don't use a rear diff . Haha yeah, waay wrong Thats it then, keeping the trx with the lockers instead of building a new sport, just doing some more minor mods to it. They are very sensitive and I can feel the blade spinning the whole time. yk qd It's been beat to death in my rod locker, thrown in the back of my pickup truck and has caught lots of quality bassâ€"I haven't cleaned it either. Like Max, I would suggest the Detoit TrueTrac. pros and cons mini spool vs posi. When you corner your outside tire has more distance to cover then the inside tire. It won't stay locked, Pop Pop, Pop as it jumps teeth! I may go back to the older 31 spline unit but will probably wait and hope for a better locker in the Yukon Zip Locker. Detroit Locker maximizes traction by delivering 100% of the torque to both drive wheels, allowing for wheel speed differentiation only when absolutely needed. Saw a demo on NASCAR GARAGE a few years back and they. Ok so vie got an 04 450s, startin to get into modding in up a bit. On the trails you describe, you probably don't really need a locker. A spool will only break things really, really fast. one that will release and let the wheels turn when going into corners and curves. 5 / TT custom, aftermarket, fifth scale, hpi, baja, 5b, 5t, aluminum, carbon. This is beneficial in hard-corner turning. Designed for straight-line racing or off-road use, Yukon spools are lightweight and offer total lockup to your rear axle for less than the cost of a traditional locker rear end. us2 A Spartan Locker checks in at $400 to $500, provides full lockup, and although it may click occasionally it is far more civilized than a spool. Our high quality mini spools are a favourite of off-road competitors, . You DO NOT WANT this on the street. ni 5", 14 Bolt, 14T, 30 Spl, Eaton Detroit Locker (Replaces open carrier internals) 14 Bolt Detroit Locker (Installs Into Standard 14 Bolt GM Carrier) Price: $511. Joined Nov 12, 2009 · 10 Posts. rx i'm not concerned about on road manners, it's gonna be a 99% off-road machine. As for which to use, the spool is less complicated but as long as your carrier is a strong enough design then a mini should not be a problem. Yes, Detroits are "over-run" lockers just as described. ci stuff, Black magic electric fan and aluminum. The High Lifter Spool Locker is an ATV Locker that converts a limited-slip differential to full locked true 4WD so that your ATV can deliver full power and unbelievable traction all the time!. Eaton E Locker ManualARB vs Yukon vs Detroit vs Spool Eaton E Locker Manual The Eaton ELocker™ differential is a driver-controlled, electronically activated locking differential that can easily replace a traditional differential to gain much more traction Page 10/69. Claremont, North Carolina, United States. Sense I live in the So Cal desert I do a lot of dirt road traveling so a locked rear ( for me) is an advantage. Auto-Lockers are lockers are lockers that automatically engage using mechanical components that lock up the differential once a tire starts to lose traction. A spool permanently locks both axle shafts together so that both rear tires will always turn at the same speed. The engagement gear on the 31 spline unit is 3/8" larger in diameter and engages the side gear by. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 20 of 34 Posts. A drop-in locker is a differential retrofit that goes into your existing open carrier and turns it into an automatic locking differential. However, when the wheels need to differentiate in a turn, the Spartan locker. e1p If I break a locker will likely go with ARB or a eLocker. Designed to send power to the wheels with the most traction, the Spartan Locker will help get you where you want to go. make a cut in the material at a right angle. 6230 ProSeries® Solid Body Padlock features a 2-1/2in (64mm) round wide solid steel body and a 1-1/8in (29mm) tall, 7/16in (11mm) diameter hardened boron alloy shackle for superior cut resistance. Because, it can, cause too much binding. Spools should be run in race only type applications and are not intended for use. That's why Detroit Locker is the number one choice of professional racers and off-road enthusiasts who demand maximum traction! Now owned by Eaton, Detroit Locker is still the most. Standard Carriers, Positraction & Limited Slips, Locking Differentials, Spools and Mini-Spools As an opening note, for all situations except factory OEM electric lockers, a standard open carrier can be replaced with a limited slip or locker. Space to store the file waiting to be printed is not available on the server. (IMO, more consistent handling) A locker unlocks only when it's de-cammed, or IOW's you take yer foot off the gas in a turn. The Spod version with a 5,3:1 ratio and a massive 115 cm retrieve can really make light work of all spodding activities. Spools are for skids and drag racing. That car weighed 4000 lbs or so and the locker worked ok, but it did behave like a spool most of the time, ie: on wet roads, car was always slipping around, you had to really concentrate on holding it straight; it would only occasionally "release" on tight turns and then the car would bang loudly and shudder as though someone just rear ended you. Thanks for the quick responses guys, the more information the better Sent from my Z10. A lockrite/aussie/lunchbox locker is a pile of shiit. 5,GM14T-SPOOLM,MINI SPOOL,GM14,GM,MINI,SPOOL Description: A great option for full traction, the 14 Bolt case is so massive and strong a mini spool is a great option for cheap reliable traction, there has been no reported failures with this mini spool. A locker toggles between open and spooled. Spools are most often used in racing applications, and occasionally in off road applications. Jump to Latest Follow 21 - 40 of 44 Posts. They cost more initially but when you factor in all the axles you replace they just may save you money. itb hn A spool replaces the whole carrier (the ring gear bolts to it). The only way around this is lock one hub. Spools are a cunt to drive around town and at slow speeds, as stated below you will regret going that way if you are doing a lot of round town or highway miles. If using standard smaller spools of thread, place a cap on top to help keep the spool in place. The engagement and disengagement actuation of a selectable locker is most often done using compressed air or electricity to actuate the locker. Randy, the owner of DPI Racing Products explains the benefits of running the Platinum Track Differential over a spool or a locker in circle track racing. Will be installing spool tomorrow and hitting test and tune next Wednesday. You would not want a spool on the street. @Krondor @Flip888 Thanks for your locker insight on the previous axle thread. However the diff cover is included in the price with ox. In terms of strength and durability, a full replacement locker like the Detroit Locker is the best. This means you to run bigger tires and more horsepower on your rig. Automatic (Full and Lunchbox): Automatic lockers lock your axles together when you need it and unlock when going around turns. 10 and down ratio only * Provides 100% traction to both wheels at all times * Not recommended for street driven vehicles. Use the spool stabilizers for large cones of serger thread. Related Topics Subject / Started by Replies Last post; wtb locker or spool. Could not be too hard to weld all of the brackets in the right spot. Personally, I really dislike a rear Detroit. Unfortunately, it's also the hardest on tires. All of this locker talk got me wondering if a JK D44 would fit on the Commander. Suitable for all 28 spline, 4 pinion Borg Warner 78 including. Powertrax lockers replace the spider gears in your differential carrier without affecting your. They are simple, relatively inexpensive, easy to install, and they always work. 73 and locker as it is an option on the X. 14 bolt mini spool full floater GM 10. 2012 3500, Dually, 4X4, G56, reg cab, Smarty, Severe duty fuel filter kit, Moog tie rod ends & torklift stabiloads, Ford/Dana 60 manual locking hubs, Dynatrac/EMF. I went with the mini spool in the rear. Towing a trailer increases the axle/wheel torque, overriding the threshold of normal pinion load that can make the locker act like a spool without the extra weight & load on the axles/tires. lunchbox locker vs limited slip. The OX works great, and like a spool it's completely predictable. Because they store sheet metal lying down, however, horizontal racking requires quite a bit of floor space. If you see a set of black stripes on the ground, the vehicle almost certainly is equipped with a limited slip, a locker, or a spool. Spools are an option on Ford 9", 12 Bolt and Dana 60 rear ends. A lunch box locker) type locker would be a lower cost alternative. SSD RC RBX10 Ryft HD Steel Spool Locker. This is a locking differential from ARB. It works in forward and reverse, and features unmatched strength, 100 percent automatic locking, and maintenance-free parts. 50g If the cost of a full-spool, LSD, Locker, or even mini-spool turn you off, there is another option. Will hop around corners at low mph and when it's wet outside. ij Spool - dedicated mud truck where turning is not an issue. The SSD RBX10 Ryft HD Steel Spool Locker is a heavy duty, machined steel locker upgrade for the Axial Ryft. e aussie locker/detroit/4x4 - low-mid price. This spool assembly eliminates the stock . For use only in rear axle, use in the front will limit turning ability. 25" long pinion gears are also compatible with the Ford 10. The Eaton Posi limited-slip differential prevents wheel slip before it can get started. The e locker is stronger than a limited slip diff. It is based on technology derived from the Eaton Detroit Truetrac® limited-slip differential (LSD) which is a pioneer in helical gear based traction technology, and remains the leading helical gear-type limited slip diff in the industry. Join us as we take a spool of Polymaker PolyLite PLA Lulzbot Green filament for a test ride. A spool is noticeable on the street when cornering sharply, but is very predictable, and we actually prefer one in the rear of a short-wheelbase vehicle over an automatic locker. Best quality - ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility. you get the best of both worlds. Not recommended for use on the pavement. Is that true, though? We're going to explain the differences between a locking differential, a limited slip differential, a spool, and the variants in between all. A locking differential or "Locker" uses a mechanism that allows left and right wheels to "lock" relative to each other and turn at the same speed regardless of which axle has traction and regardless of how little traction a slipping wheel has. xdj A mini spool uses your carier and replaces the spider gears in it conecting the two axles together. fo Discussion Starter · #1 · Apr 27, 2007. Make sure you get one for drag racing and not dirt racing, there is a difference. Detroit Lockers have a legendary reputation with off-roaders and feature a heavy duty, efficient, and effective design that offers 100% traction to both wheels while still allowing for wheel speed differentiation for easy turning on the street and other high-traction surfaces. Below we have provided our standard installation manuals, along with supplement manuals for specific products. For standard size monofilament or specialty drawn fiber products, Zeus performance fibers provide the versatility and suitability for almost any application. the differences between the spool, eaton posi, detroit trutrac, auburn posi, wavetrac, trac-loc and detroit locker differentials. da Making it too hard or nearly impossible to make tight turns on tight trails. At least with a spool, I know exactly what to expect. This was made to fit the Spider differential case87343. rw If you are serious about rearend that will be posi and last call a real diff. I would say go with a full locker in the front and trutrac in the rear if you. Spools are an alternative to a locker for traction and performance enhancement. Of course for the rear if you really want to be cheap. Lightweight and strong, our spools and lockers are specially designed to fit most manufacturer's quick change rear ends. Selectable lockers are the way to go. A spool replaces the differential carrier, locking the axle shafts together. 4×4 vs Diff Lock (Differences Explained) Written by Jade C. I thought it would be helpful to have a separate thread for others also looking to add locker(s) to. A spool is a solid carrier that does not allow axle differentiation. Because of additional stresses created by a spool, it is not a good idea to run stock-spline axles with a spool. tyo If you can find a locker that is strong enough to take the abuse I would say get it. vr8 Spools - mini/full/lincoln are always on If you are looking into a front locker/spool, the non-selectables you are looking at would be better than a spool for steering, but still affect it. Discussion Starter · #1 · Sep 17, 2008. Whats the advantage to a locker vs a full spool in this situation? I don't run it in 4x4 unless I'm in the shit, and if I still want front axle help without locking the wheels, well, I lock one hub and not the other. Not a very big deal but something to notice. Why would anyone want to run a spool when it diminishes performance in corners and will not help in the straightaway speed. I stuck a spool and 456 gears in my 6000lb ford van to beat up on some Chevy truck my buddy had. Got the lift done and new tires are comin. Since not everyone has a car like that around here my only other experience is a camaro with a posi in the back vs a non posi. The difference is that a locker will unlock when you turn corners. Welded Spider Gears, operates like above. but i wanted some general input (preferably from people that have experience) on a couple different traction devices. the Detroit locker, the Detroit Tru Trac, the Ford T2R,. The High Lifter Spool Locker is an ATV Locker that converts a limited-slip differential to full locked true 4WD so that your ATV can deliver full power and unbelievable traction all the time! With a traditional limited-slip differential, frequently you get more of a 3WD pull. limited slip: differential choices « Reply #30 on: May 19, 2009, 05:12:02 PM » I have a locker in the rear, and an ARB up front. If it's a drag truck only that will see no street use, I would go full spool instead of a mini. w1 Spektrum RC DX5 Rugged 5-Channel DSMR Surface Radio w/SR515 Receiver. Selectable lockers such as the ARB Air Locker, Eaton ELocker and Auburn ECTED typically perform as an open differential until the driver selects "locked" mode. I have come the conclusion that my trail rig will never see more then 2 miles of pavement a year if that. The Digital Pistol & Handgun Locker is a discreet and secure weapon storage locker that can be attached to a wall, mounted to furniture, or stacked on top of other locker units. i was hoping to go with the simplicity and minimal weight of a spool. Ford 9 Inch Third Member Assembly, Mini Spool, 31-Spline. A spool locks both axles together , as if you had one solid axle connecting both wheels. Some racers simply welded the spider gears to permanently lock them. Spool vs Auto Locker vs Selectable Locker looks something like this: Spool: Inexpensive ($100) & predictable. The machine also comes with a handy accessory kit including tweezers (helpful for threading), spool caps (stops your thread spools from moving around as you sew), a screwdriver, cleaning brush and four machine needles to get you started! 5 Jaguar Overlocker Advanced 099. E-lockers, on the other hand, use an electromagnet to convert the differential into a spool. Had one, swapped it for a spool. It's also stronger, lighter, and has no internal parts to service (and is technically not a differential). This Dana 80 spool is the only way to up your axle size and is specifically designed to run 2" x 47 spline axle shafts. 10 & Down 40 Spline Steel Spool. A spool is much lighter than a standard posi unit and they improve ring and pinion gear life by providing a more rigid gear mounting. ss Spools can't disengage like a locker, so the tires will . Something to keep in mind for your budget. As for snow, they will both act pretty much the same, squirly. Your file waiting to be printed was deleted. how much faster do tires wear w/ the spool is my main question. Eaton Detroit Truetrac diffs use a patented design of parallel-axis planetary helix gears to provide a quiet, automatic splitting of torque. That was why I was choosing it plus its better suited for an automatic and RR but I could be off base, it is just what I have heard. The clunk, bang, locker wiggle when shifting a 5 speed, and inconsistant handling in rain or snow were a hassle. Nerd definition is - an unstylish, unattractive, or socially inept person; especially : one slavishly devoted to intellectual or academic pursuits. Electric Locker A factory option on 3rd Gen. To help you have a better understanding about the basic function. Will the WAVETRAC are between $995 (9in) to $1095 (8. If I had the choice for a stock R/P ratio. Here I test the turning radius of a Spool Front vs Unlocked Front. You can also get a detroit locker which is like having a full spool but can still ratchet out to "slip" like a posi, using different techniques of course. While both are very similar in their functions, they do have features unique to themselves. With one ARB I would always put it in the rear. 00 Complete Hybrid Axle - F106 - By mating 5 ton steering knuckles, spindles and axle shafts to an F106 center section and housing we created the ideal axle assembly for truck pullers and mud racers. Spools are hard on axles & pose safety hazards in traction limited situations (water, ice, etc. 50 Courser MT F&R, custom F&R bumpers, high flow fuel pump,all-pro crossover kit. Once a spool is installed in a differential, the wheels are permanently joined together. o2t Yes, it will withstand a pounding. So far, The units I like are the Auburn ECTED, the Detroit locker, the Detroit Tru Trac, the Ford T2R,. You can even find some factory D44 with a 3. This single drive-train component can mean the difference between a good off-road 4×4 vehicle and an excellent one. In a true "loss of traction" situation they will both perform the same - both wheels driving 100%. uzr da5 Whats the advantage to a locker vs a full spool in this . I have heard mixed reviews on the mechanical lockers for off road use. For sale we have a6061 Billet aluminum locker spool for HoBao machines. Aftermarket selectable lockers can activate via air (such as the ARB Air Locker), electricity (Eaton's E-Locker), or a cable. The rear tires ratchet in a controlled fashion for a more stable entry. These cars have relatively high C. Inside an e-locker, you'll find that the magnet pulls two roller cams apart. You should NEVER do any sot of heavy towing with an automatic locker/spool, its a recipe for desaster. I'm running the stock Rubi lockers with upgraded shafts and 35 tires. But when I "factored in" the push, it was ok running around Putnam Park and on the auto-x also. Mini spools fit inside an existing open differential, replacing the side and spider gears. Spool Vs Locker Automatic Lockers: Lockers (mechanical locking differentials) provide 100% transfer of power to both drive wheels. With that said I am running a detroit locker and works great at my power. The Locker or Spool Differential. Mit einem Stopper aus Kupfer (im Prinzip eine Klammer, die durch die Spool gesteckt wird) kann die Ablauflänge begrenzt werden, so dass ich, nach bester "Sporti"- Manier, die spool nach unten ablaufen lassen kann und dann die Boje auf der Faust sitzen habe. 2012 · Now that being said a spool vs a full locker the spool should come out as stronger, no moving parts to break etc. k4 5 with warn hub kit, Atlas II transfer case with Klune V doubler, 4 inch Currie Lift and 35x12. For those of you who just aren’t happy with 300whp or even 350whp, there’s the GTX2867R. The open carrier uses a set of side gears with corresponding spider gears. This is different than posi-trac or limited slip, because actually locks the differential rather limit the amount of slip to a varying degree (auto-lockers are either on or off, nothing in. Available in 30-spline for GM 12-bolt rearends (Camaro, Chevelle, Nova) and 31-spline for Ford 8. If you purchase this for a spool then later down the road want a clutch lock or S-trac or True Track ect ect. So my JLUR with e-lockers has a by-pass so I am able to lock the rear at anytime the front when I need to. Likewise, a locker or limited slip can be replaced with a standard open. a spool locks both axles together 100% of the time. ds Complete Hybrid Axle with 5 Ton hubs and axle shafts with spool or detroit locker - Non Steering - $2,500. Finch said it was "ok" when he plowed. 7's, Chromo front, Spool front, Welded rear, old Nankang 33"x12. Great way to get reliable traction on a budget. Spools are extremely ******* axles and u-joints. Four-wheel-drive off-road trucks are special-application vehicles and …. Just wanted to here some valid points about each. You can pick up a D44 with electric locker for about $1400. I wish I would have went the locker, even in 2wd it pushed the front. 38 Ratios, 30 Spline, Inlcudes Carrier Bearings for 8. Of course i did not want a full spool. spool What is the difference between a locker and a spool? What does a spool do anyway? Black 90lx Hatchback, Intake, headers,off-road H,40-series flows with dumps,Ford racing 3:73's with a richmond mini spool, Cobra racing wheels with 245zr17 yokamoto tires. e5c Eaton and Detroit Locker Differential Overview. There's a Diff? LSD vs Locked vs Spooled Part 1 - Open and LSD Differentials. A differential is a type of planetary gear train used in the drive axle(s) of automobiles and equipment. How about that? But the years he has listed don't match up to what you all are saying for 26 vs. gv I ride on the street to much to have either one. Spools are a solid link for both axles. The 'terrible understeer' is largely based on people who haven't actually worked with differentials. Discussion Starter · #21 · Nov 11, 2012. Quadruple-drilled flange covers most Pickup/4Runner and Tacoma driveshaft patterns. A spool is a locked rear for sure but most folks don't call them a locker. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for HoBao MINI Diff Spool for case #11204 - Differential Locker fits Hyper tt10 10SC at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products!. by hang_man » Thu Dec 01, 2011 3:02 pm. Discussion Starter · #1 · Feb 25, 2007. Auf der spool sind 10 und 20m Leinenlänge durch Ringe markiert. I dont really care for the noise and clunkyness of it. A spool is just like you said, just a coupler between to axles. 2" BOP Eaton Posi LSD 28 Spline 19674-10. Dan-I used a locker in old orange since 91. k7f As a general rule, differentials are used in street cars (those that drive around corners) and spools are used in race-only applications that only go fast in a straight line. Spool - These aren't lockers because they can't be 'unlocked'. When I bought my 1969 last summer, it had a spool. Best warranty - hands down, best in the category. 125" narrower than the others, and can be use in the other 70's with the addition of a 1/8" spacer. Compare Search ( Please select at least 2 keywords ) Most Searched Keywords. Lincoln locker, Spool, Lunch box locker, ARB, OX, Yukon, Eaton, Detroit. Without your rear axle differentiating, your rear tires would get chewed to pieces. If I was going to use anything besides a spool again I would go back to a Detroit Locker. A locker unlocks with a certain amount of turning force if it's an auto locker, or when selected if it's some kind of manual locker. The hobart filler metal selector and calculator is a free quick reference tool with a number of functions. 07 & up jeep jk rockjock 60 rear w/stock set 10 wheel bearings*; ratio arb air locker detroit locker eaton e-locker true trac; 4. GM 14 Bolt, 30 Spline Grizzly Locker. 00 with Full Light Weight Spool with TrueTrac $2729 with Detroit Locker $2521 with WaveTrac $3075 Aluminum Cases are made of 206-T4 aluminum with 7075-T6 aluminum caps and billet steel adjusters. This type of differential is standard equipment on most aftermarket off-road based transaxles. Well, in this article we'll take a brief moment to explain the differences in the clutch-type LSD and spool. An 80 series elocker is a spool when its engaged. Driver Clutch Output spline Driven dog clutch Driven dog clutch. While traveling straight the Spartan will lock the axles together similar to a spool. This seems simple to me, but maybe I'm missing something. The Auburn unit intrigues me the most because it is both a spool and an LSD. Polymaker offers its PolyLite PLA in a bright green color. Unless your truck is used 100% offroad I would never consider a full time locker/ spool. Tip: Aftermarket Carriers, Limited Slips, and Lockers Most aftermarket differential manufacturers offer both carriers so if you plan on upgrading your differential with your new gears, make sure that you order the correct one so that you can run standard gears and avoid needing thick gears or spacers. Guest · Discussion Starter · #1 · Feb 21, 2003. I would not use a spool on the street ever. 78 se trans am,67 rs ss camaro,69 BBO Javelin,55 chevy and a bunch of other junk that needs finished. The ARB Air Locker is a highly-regarded locker that. f8 5b kkl However ox offers air/electric for those who prefer it. zu Limited slip differential As we saw, both a spool and an open diff have their issues, especially in racing conditions. vq Its unique, bullet-proof design is engineered to keep both wheels in drive mode - even if one wheel is lifted off the ground. It still operates just as flawlessly as the day I got it. I've got them front and rear on both of my off-road trucks (a truggy and a tricked K5 "expedition rig"). A rationalist epistemology claims that knowledge (as opposed to opinion) is possible only if it is based on self-evident and absolutely certain principles. Because of the three gear tooth mesh interfaces, the design must have lash. A locker (ratchet) is a spool 90% of the time so it is a myth that you can run less stagger. It'll fit, but it crowds the post. In this state, the axle acts more as a "Spool". A Lincoln Locker is a homemade spool created by welding the OEM carrier so that the Fozzy Locker vs. Chrome rustproofing provides longer life and a dual ball bearing locking mechanism resists pulling and prying. This Product has been approved for Locker Pickup service, but final compliance will be subject to weight and size limits for the quantity ordered CA Prop65. Inside an e-locker, you’ll find that the magnet pulls two roller cams apart. Jump to Latest Follow NEWS PARTS JEEP & 4x4 ATV & UTV 1 - 4 of 4 Posts. It has 31 spline Moser axles, 3" tubes and a nodular iron center section. But, let's say it takes zero-torque, to spin a wheel. I had a Detroit Locker prior to switching to a spool, so I'm familiar with the characteristics of an auto-locker too. Yeah, I didn't know if anyone had put one in. I also drive a strong V8 Sports Sedan with a Detroit locker, that was bloody awful. left it in for 2 weeks and my tires lost 1/2 the tread. Well from my reading which could be wrong the Dana S60 is the strongest overall. This fits front ,rear differentials in Hyper 7, Hyper 8, Hyper GTS/GTB, Hyper VS, . Sewing Machine Maintenance / By James V. f7 Joined Dec 9, 2010 · 38 Posts. " It features a positive engagement mechanism and can transfer 100% of the torque equally between two wheels. When locked, they operate just like a spool placing a significant load on the axle shafts. Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by socal_wrench, Sep 6, 2004. When two differential locks are used - front and rear, then you have 4 wheel drive. I really like the BPS Rick Clunn reels in that price range. I want a locker for my Foreman,Whats the difference between a spool locker and a Detroit locker other than the obvious $300. In short, vertical storage is ideal for sheet metal production applications, while horizontal is best for warehousing — generally speaking, of course. They are called "spools" because they kind of look like a thread or rope spool. sgm 5 10-bolts use C-clips to retain the axles. I do like a detriot locker, it isn't like driving an open rear but it isn't bad to drive. Spools cause more maintenance when you twist and snap axles, for consistency and legality, a Mechanical locker like the 4wd System's Lokka . and not have to toss a coin each time. I am bound to get one of these. So, if you go into a corner on blacktop with your foot still on the throttle and the unit locked, the second you back off they will disengage with rather abrupt results. ARB vs Yukon vs Detroit vs Spool. A selectable diff locker is one that goes from an open differential to a 100 percent locked differential (which essentially acts like a spool). 8) if not ordered with a new rear. A differential with a mini spool setup delivers equal power and traction to both left and right-side rear wheels. I know people who run welded diffs HARD and its essentially "free". Relatively softer springs and stiffer sway bar at the rear of the car and more caster. Locker is much more effective and road friendly. Joined: Mar 3, 2001 Posts: 258. There are two ways to convert to a spool/locker type differential. This forces both wheels to turn in unison, regardless of the traction (or lack thereof) available to either wheel individually. Transmissions and Drivetrain - The Neverending "Which Diff" question? - So, we all know the Open vs Limited Slip vs Locker vs Spool debate, . ARB Air Locker and Yukon Zip Lockers use compressed air to convert from an open differential to a fully locked spool. Differentials & Spools Strange Differentials and Spools run the gambit from weekend cruiser to all-out dragster. Usually you break less with a full spool than with a locker because you don't have any hard impacts with a spool like you do when a locker . Manual Locker, a manually activated locker that operates like above. I actually have put this in two different vehicles, one being a 700rwhp street car. 5/2Ways, n when i purchaced my car, a 2Way was the way to go). I think I have decided to go truetrac. 5″ carrier or locker to install into an 8. When power (torque) is applied in either forward or reverse directions, the unit locks both axles together like a spool. Spools: A spool has no moving parts, and basically turns the driver and passenger side axles into a single axle shaft. Powertrax Lock-Right performance lockers' straight-line performance is equal to a solid spool axle, yet they automatically unlock during turns Best suited for extreme off-road to severe on-road use Powertrax lockers replace the spider gears in your differential carrier without affecting your ring and pinion settings. Available options: Spool Locker 4Cyl, 140163-1 Spool Locker V6, 140164-1. Directional spool valves are a type of directional valve. A locker costs $500 a spool cost $200 socal_wrench, Sep 6, 2004. The locker mechanism unlocks the wheels during corner entry and mid-corner and locks them on corner exit, when on the power. Was also thinking about a mini spool but that would obviously be the same concept as welded. Hold out for a air locker that way the only big stress will be applied when your off road only. Maybe I could machine the spool to accept the retaining clips. Air, electric and just a manual cable are the 3 common types. Since you don't need the constant air pressure or electric signal, ox can be run like a spool. Reactions: RoadRamblerNJ, Tray Burge and chrisbh17. uoj The high-traction wheel will receive the same amount, zero. Have been looking into a mini spool or a . Air Locker, an air activated locker when deactivated operates like an open diff. 5 transfer, Vitara powersteering, standard diff 3. This will then give the correct length of cord required. Increasing Your Lead in Crate Motor Classes (Legally!) by Mark Houlahan - Posted in Tech 3/24/2022 Take your crate motor racing to the next level with these tricks and tips that won't get you in hot water with tech officials!. Spool: Spools are used in drag race only vehicles. A couple years ago we managed to get a mostly-stock 2-door Wrangler Sport (on 33's with no lockers) through there but it needed a tug in about the same spot. Short of having some type of hydro based steering i would steer clear of posi/lincoln or spool based locker in the front. Locking the axles provides maximum traction for off road use. (Box vs Knife Pleats) Serger Won't Make Chain: Fixing an Overlocker Not Stitching. Thread starter lomodyj; Start date Apr 8, 2005; 1; 2; Next. Still better than an open-diff, but not even remotely close to the performance gain of a locker. rt similar to a Locker in one way but even a locker when not engaged allows independent movement of each wheel, where these spool type units do not . They are fixed in place and do not move. Lockers may be switched on or off mechanically, electronically (e-locker) or using compressed air (air locker). Because of no load or traction. Ox Locker Install in a Cherokee XJ Dana 44 Phase II of the Project SkyMiles Cherokee XJ continues with the installation of the new OX Locker in the Dana 44 rear axle. DIFFERENTIAL, SPOOLS AND LOCKERS DETROIT LOCKER, QUICK CHANGE This mini spool fits 9” Ford differentials and are made from heat . Harrop Engineering design, develop and manufacturing precision components for low volume automotive OEMs, Performance and Industrial markets. Spool vs locker and gear reduction. Spool vs lockers is more of an opinionated argument. A spool will force the outside tire to "chirp" while both tires drive the vehicle 100%. let me know if their is any down fall. But I do have my front dana-30 welded. Selectable lockers are the best for street if you only need it for offroad because it allows the differential to act as a normal open carrier unless engaged at which time it acts like a spool. Vertigo Performance : Monster Lockers - HPI Baja 5B - 5T - 5SC MCD-Racing Hardware and Accessories Redcat Rampage BLOW OUTS Factory Seconds Bearings and Bearing kits Monster Lockers Clothing and Decals Associated Monster GT Team Losi 5ive B - 5ive T Replacement parts Engine/Clutch parts Team Losi DBXL SPECIALS Vekta. There's been quite a few debate's about spools and selectable lockers. Towing a trailer also tends to minimize the locker tail wag on and off the throttle. Installing a spool in a front axle will cause significant internal binding during turns and will put undue stress and strain on the axle shafts and . 4 Hemi 4:10 Gears Ram Boxes 35x12. I have a damn gov lock, cant find an open carrier. Spool: A spool is a solid, clutchless, mechanical linkage between the axles in the rear end so that they are always forced to spin at the same rate. Lockers are ratchet style with teeth that still allow corner turning on the street without damage to axles.